And The Sky Shall Fill Her Eyes

by None Too Shallow

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The debut album by musical project None Too Shallow tells the epic story of redemption - coming from darkness to light. Rhythmic guitars and powerful lyrics carry the message of love and hope into the soul of the listener, challenging them to 'see the light'.


released April 20, 2010



all rights reserved


None Too Shallow Thailand

None Too Shallow is now Cloud Cover Sky.

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Track Name: I, Statue
Here I wait, in the corner
I, statue. I, supplement
Here I wait, in the darkness
Save me, somebody set me free
Track Name: A Certain State
Here I go down this dark and lonely road.
Here I wait for something to take hold of me.
All I want is to be home, is to be in your arms again.

Cover me with your love.
Pull me out, pull me out of the fire.

Here I go, back into the world again.
Grabbing on to all this world can offer me.
All I want is to be home, is to be in your arms again.
Track Name: Love Song (For The Creator)
Give me your hand, stay close to me;
The day is over.
Watch the birds fly by and the golden ring of sun;
The fire in your eyes.

Tell me your name, you who are great,
My creator.
Tell me all that's good, tell me all that's great;
You are holy, God.

Be still; speak to me.
Your sweet words I seek.
Hold me close, never let me go.
Never let me go.

You are my God, you are my King,
Holy Father.
I will sing your name, I bow down in shame.
You are holy, God.
Track Name: Dark/Light
In the stillness, I will stumble.
In the darkness, I will falter.
In the madness, I will suffer.
In the vastness, you will save me.

I have seen your face.
I will melt away.

Save me from my selfish ways.
O Lord, you are my strength; You will endure.

You have conquered; I have faltered.
You have sheltered; I have torn down.
You have loved her; I have stumbled.
You have saved me; I cry holy!
Track Name: ...And The Sky Shall Fill Her Eyes
And you are my light.
And you are my hope.
Jesus, You are the light of the world.
Track Name: I Have Seen The Glory
I have seen the glory of the Lord.
I have heard the story of the Lord.

O come, listen to His voice.
O Come and hear of his love.
Track Name: Satisfied
As I walk into your throne room,
I will bow down to you.
I lift my eyes to you on most high;
I cry holy!

You are my God.
You are my King.
You are my only strength.
In you, I'm satisfied.
So I cry holy!

As I gaze upon your face, Lord,
I will worship you.
You will cover me with your love.
I cry holy!
Track Name: Honesty Honesty
I crawl on my hands and knees,
Through the branch and weeds,
It's suffocating me.

I fall through the blackened air,
To the great despair,
Bruised beyond repair.

I am falling for you now,
Exposed of all my doubt;
You leave me here without myself.
All my tears are dried and gone;
I rest my head upon you.

Now the darkness settles in,
Shadows trace my sin;
It tears away my skin.

Save me. Hear me.
You are mine. You are mine.

You have saved me from myself.
Track Name: As The Morning Comes
Love is the stream of eternity.
I will give my life to the Everlasting.

Love is the fire that burns inside me.
I have heard the song of the one who is love.

And He will bring you love; and He will bring you love.
Sing to the one who is love.

Love is the cure of the darkness in me.
As the morning comes, my soul arises.

Jesus is our love.
Jesus is our light.
Jesus is our peace.
Jesus is our hope.
Track Name: Scheinen
Come to me, love me.
I am here, I am here.

Turn your face, give your grace.
I am here, I am here.

And I'm reaching for your robe...
Won't you let me touch your robe?

Shine on me, shine on me.
Shine on me.
I want to feel the warmth of your light.

Call my name, my unworthy name.
I am here, I am here.

And I'm falling at your throne...
Won't you let me at your throne?

Oh my God!
Oh my God!

Touch your robe...
Shine on me...
Track Name: To Finish It
It's in my skin; help my unbelieving heart.
Come and take my away from here.
Come and pull me from all despair.

It's on my breath; take my contradicting soul.
I have no more tears to give.
I have nothing relative.

Breathe in me.
Breathe in me.

You've capture me; you have my full attention.
I have nowhere else to go.
I have nothing else to show.

I'll wait on you...
Track Name: Glory
There's something burning in my bones.
There's something burning in my heart.
And I can feel you all around me.
And I can feel my heart pounding, for you.

There's something struggling to get free.
There's something wanting to believe.
That you have pulled me from this fire.
That you are my heart's desire.

And I know that you are God.

There's something stirring in my mind.
There's something wishing I could find.
You have made my inmost being.
You have seen my troubled weening.